Houses & Interiors

We build rustic wooden huts, cob huts and houses. We also do lovely rustic wooden interiors. Kitchens, counters and cupborards, wooden stair cases and unique wooden doors and window frames.  We'd love to help you create your designs or have a look at some of ours for inspiration.  

Wendy Houses & Cob Huts: Wooden houses or studios, wendy houses, play houses for children and cob huts.

Window Frames and Doors: Lovely rustic wood window frames and custom built doors.

Fencing: Wooden fencing for your garden

Kitchen Interiors: Custom built wooden kitchen counters, cupboards and finishings.  

House Interiors: Window seats, wooden staircases, unique fittings and door handles. We're happy to work with what ever you are dreaming up.