This is a new range for Dream-Weavers - but one which is ever expanding. We always have new ideas for  handmade, wooden toys!

At this time we have the following toys available:

Our wooden wagon is extremely solid - useful for pulling around all sorts of clobber. Children love being pulled around in these wagons too.

Doll Houses:
Our beautiful wooden dolls houses come in two different sizes. They are made of organic pine and sealed with linseed oil. Each house is hand painted and decorated - a favourite with all little girls. Each dolls house comes with a basic set of furniture.

Wooden Furniture for Dolls Houses:
Little wooden beds, tables, chairs, bunk beds etc. for dolls houses. The furniture can be purchased to add to your Dream-Weavers dolls house or used separately.

Dolls House Accessories:
Many doll house owners have longed for additional accessories - besides the furniture. We now have an ever expanding range of accessories for the house, including mini jungle gyms. Please check back often to see what’s new.