Jungle Gyms

We specialise in big jungle-gyms and playground equipment for schools & parks

We have a collection of pre-manufactured jungle gym designs or we can custom design something especially for an area of your garden to turn it into a magic playground.

Our jungle gyms are created from the wood of dead alien species (e.g. blue gum). The wood is sanded, treated with boron salts and sealed with non toxic and eco friendly Envirotouch Pronature. This sealer should be re-applied yearly. We guarantee all our wood on the condition that you call us out once a year to inspect and maintain your jungle gym.

The core structure of our jungle gyms is a tripod which is very stable and safe to climb. There is no need to permanently anchor it down, so it can be moved if required e.g. if you move house you can take it with you. We'll be happy to help.

Your jungle gym can include any combination of the following:

Swings: We offer a range of woven swings. View the different options here.

Slides: Choose from great big long slides to foofy slides. See the different options here.

Monkey Bars: Smooth, but rustic pieces of wood put together to create a challenging variation of the traditional monkey bar.

Fireman’s Pole: A 50mm thick galvanized tube that you slide down from a treehouse, balcony or platform. Maximum length: 6m.

Rope Ladders: Strong and durable, made with 8-10 mm sailing lines.

Stretchy Shade: Protect your children from the sun and extend the life of the ropes. There are a variety of beautiful colours for perfect shade. The waterproof version is only available in orange and grey.