Swings & Things

Our swings are made from wood and woven rope. They come in many shapes and sizes. We do them for indoor & outdoor, adults & children. Round, star shaped, triangle, swings for spinning, swings for climbing, swings for lounging…

Triangle Swings: Made out of natural tree branches and woven with strong rope for children and adults. Perfect for a tree in the garden, a jungle gym or even inside your house.

Sitting Swings: Traditional swing made from rustic pieces of wood and strong rope. We also make a lovely round swing, large and comfortable for everyone.

Dream Swing: Our original Dreamswing comes in all sizes. And can fit in your garden or even indoors.

Star Swing: Five webs in the five points and one in the middle or a “Star of David” and a big web inside. It can be hung on a swivel and act like a merry go around.

Roman Rings: Provides upper body strength and encourages gymnastics.

Monkey Fist: 20cm diameter rope ball used to sit on and swing. It encourages young children to hold on.